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10 Best Anti-Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin


Who wouldn’t want to be forever young? As the technology progresses, no scientist can find any clue on keeping us young forever. The body changes. As we age, it becomes weaker and more susceptible to illnesses and that includes deterioration of systemic functions. If only we could stop aging but no one could! Anti-aging foods help to sustain one’s health to get through this stage.

These healthy foods will not alter the aging process but definitely will help prevent the negative effects of aging. While there are yummy foods to boost your mood, there are also foods to make your skin look younger. Check them out below:

1Rice and Pasta (Wholemeal)

Anti-Aging Foods

Carbohydrates are one of the three most important nutrients that our body needs. It is the main source of energy. Wholemeal rice and pasta are two examples of complex carbohydrates in which both are high in fiber. Twice the amount of iron is found in wholemeal pasta while brown rice is a high source of vitamin B.



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