7 Causes of Lung Cancer Other Than Smoking You Should Know!


    Lungs are one of the most underrated organ in the human body–most people abuse their lungs as if nothing will ever go wrong. The air we inhale reaches the inner walls of lungs, and gets distributed to tiny blood vessels. This important and intricate process happens in a tiny fraction of time.

    As with other organs, lungs are also very sensitive and lung cancer can be fatal if left untreated. The main cause of lung cancer is smoking. However, there have been many instances of non-smokers also being diagnosed with lung cancer. These are some cause of lung cancer other than smoking you should know.

    1Second hand smoking

    Studies say that second hand smoking is as bad as direct smoking. When you inhale the smoke coming out of someone else’s cigarette, it will deposit all sorts of unwanted substances in your lungs. In most countries, public smoking is banned but if your group or friend is a smoker, it is best to avoid situations where you would also have to inhale smoke.



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